Neuhaus Staff 

Executive Office

Tracy Weeden, Ed.D., President & CEO
Rayanne Darensbourg, M.P.A., Chief Operating Officer 
Debra Samuels, Board Liaison
Paige Snell, Executive Assistant

Professional Learning

Mary Lou Slania, M.Ed., CALT-QI, Vice President of Professional Learning 
Rebecca Tolson, M.Ed., CALT-QI, Director of Professional Learning 
Rai Thompson, M.Ed., CALT-QI, Assistant Director of Professional Learning 
Elisa Barnes, M.Ed., CALT-QI, Instructional Manager
Novella Washington, Ph.D., Coaching Coordinator   
Linda Corbett, CALT, LDT, Digital Learning Specialist 
Vanessa Grant, M.S., ELL Coordinator 
Jeremy Creed, M.Ed., Instructional Staff 
Allison Peck, MLA, CALT, LDT, Instructional Staff 
Tamara Hall, M.Ed., Instructional Staff
Phyllis Myers, MS, CALT, LDT, Instructional Staff
Jennifer Luftop, M.S., CALT, Instructional Staff

Innovative Solutions

Barbara Conway, Ph.D., CALT, Vice President of Innovative Solutions 
Jennifer Schmidt, Instructional Designer
Catherine Scott, M.Ed., LDT, CALT, Reading Specialist - Innovative Solutions Content Specialist 
Sally McCandless, M.A., CALT-QI, Innovative Solutions Content Specialist 
Morgan Pinkleton, Instructional Designer

Family Support and Adult Literacy

Mary Yarus, M.Ed., LDT, CALT, Vice President of Family Support and Adult Literacy
Jenifer Ben-Shoshan, Psy.D., Family Support Coordinator
Lisa Bowman, CALT, Family Support Coordinator
Suz Hall, LDT, CALT, Family Support Coordinator/Adult Literacy Instructor 
Mary M. North, M.Ed., Projects Coordinator
Kay Allen, CALT, Adult Literacy Instructor
Sharon Curran, M.Ed., LDT, CALT, Adult Literacy Instructor
Carol Ciampi, M.A.T., Adult Literacy Instructor
Jenny Skjonsby, M.Ed., LDT, CALT, Adult Literacy Instructor
Jo Anna Chevalier, Adult Literacy and Family Support Receptionist

School Improvement and Coaching

Regina Boulware-Gooden,Ph.D., Vice President of School Improvement and Research 
Cathie Fisher, M. Ed., Coordinator of Literacy Initiatives 
Elnora Buzek, Coordinator of Literacy Special Projects
Gabriella Lopez, Digital Content Specialist
David Casey, Literacy Initiatives Assistant

Finance, Administration, and Support

Lise Shepherd, MBA, CPA, Vice President of Finance & Administration
Maricela Jimenez, Registrar & Office Manager
Daisy Brioso, Accounting & Materials Manager
Megan McGraw, Accounting Specialist
Grace McVea, Data Entry Specialist
Ebony Ponder, Accounting Specialist
Jeanette Treviño, Receptionist 
Yusuf Perry, IT Specialist
Calvin Dunbar, IT Specialist
Gladis Canenguez, Custodian
Amilcar Pereira, Custodian


Sophia James, Vice President of Advancement & Corporate Partnerships
Ashley Culton, Marketing and Development Coordinator
Jackie Wickliffe, Grant Coordinator
Lissette Romano, Development Coordinator

State Partnerships

Duck Cunningham, Director of State Partnerships
Kaye Herring, Coordinator of State Partnerships for Mississippi
Megan B. Murphy, M.Ed., CALT, Coordinator of State Partnerships 
Samuel McCollum, Coordinator of State Partnerships
Gabriela Pinto, M.S., Facilitator of State Partnerships