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Teaching. Reading. Reaching.
Neuhaus Education Center is a 501(c)(3)
non-profit organization dedicated
to promoting reading success.

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We are the experts in teaching teachers. We are Neuhaus Education Center, a nonprofit in Houston, Texas, providing evidence-based instruction for teaching reading, writing, and spelling to all students for 30 years.
Since 1980:
  • 54,000 teachers have attended Neuhaus literacy professional development classes.
  • 6 million students have learned to read through teachers who received Neuhaus instruction.
Teaching a child to learn to read will impact that child’s life forever. Providing teachers with the knowledge and skills needed to teach all students to read is an investment in the future of our Houston community, our state, and our nation.







    500  teachers will teach 11,000 students:  $   25,000  
    400  teachers will teach 8,800 students:  $   20,000  
    300  teachers will teach 6,600 students:  $   15,000  
  200  teachers will teach 4,400 students: $ 10,000  
  100  teachers will teach 2,200 students: $ 5,000  
  50  teachers will teach 1,100 students: $ 2,500  
  25  teachers will teach 550 students: $ 1,000  
  12  teachers will teach 264 students: $ 500  
  6  teachers will teach 132 students: $ 250  
  3  teachers will teach 66 students: $ 125  
  1  teacher will teach 22 students: $ 75  
Yes! I would like to make an investment in our children's future.
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100% of sponsorships go to the Neuhaus Teacher Professional Development Program. Neuhaus Education Center subsidizes the Teacher Professional Development program. Sponsorships are 100% tax-deductible and meet all requirements for matching gifts. All donors will be listed on the Neuhaus website and Annual Report. Donors $1,000 and above will be listed in the Newsletter.