Teaching. Reading. Reaching.
Neuhaus Education Center is a 501(c)(3)
non-profit organization dedicated
to promoting reading success.


As a professional development center for teachers, Neuhaus offers a variety of classes at the center in Houston, Texas, and online. Many of the classes are ideal for parents who wish to provide assistance and instruction for their children. Neuhaus has also developed materials that are appropriate for parents who wish to work with their children. The Family Support Coordinators can aid you in your choice of materials and/or classes. (Contact us)
The following Neuhaus classes, although designed for classroom teachers’ professional development, are helpful to parents in supporting their children’s learning. Some of these classes are offered at Neuhaus as well as available online.
The Family Fun with Fluency kit is designed especially for parents to help their child increase his or her accuracy and fluency in reading.
    • What can I read to learn more about reading difficulties, reading instruction, the law, etc.?
The Collie Library at Neuhaus is a free lending library to those who are able to visit us in person. A bibliography is available of books and other media that we recommend as reliable sources of information about learning, reading, and reading interventions.
    • Where can I find more information on the internet?
We have a list of links to reliable research-based information. Remember that all sources are not equal on the internet.
Tenemos una lista de enlaces confiable basada en la investigación de la información.  Recuerde que todas las fuentes no son iguales en la Internet.