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Neuhaus Education Center is a 501(c)(3)
non-profit organization dedicated
to promoting reading success.

Online Classes

How do Neuhaus Online Classes work?

  • Our online classes are entirely self-paced.  There is no set time that you must be signed in. 
  • If a class includes materials, the cost of the materials and shipping* is included in the cost of the class.  The materials will be shipped via UPS when we process your registration.
  • Each class is broken down into several lessons, with the length of the lesson noted in its listing. 
  • Most lessons are followed by a quiz to reinforce the material covered.
  • You will need to have Flash and Java installed for your browser of choice.
  • Online classes are 30 days long, except Language Enrichment and Small Group Instruction Modules, which are 60 days.
  • Register online and have immediate access to your class.

How can I register for an Online Class?

Need to register multiple participants for a scheduled online class?
  • Print a registration form, fill it out for each person, and mail, email, or fax it with your payment to Neuhaus.
  • Registration and payment must be received seven (7) business days prior to the desired start date.
  • Have a group of 10 or more? Special rates may apply. Contact Cathie Fisher at or 713.664.7676 to find out more.

What Neuhaus classes are available online?

30-day Class Sessions
Accurate & Automatic Decoding - Online
Developing Accuracy and Fluency - Online
Developing Vocabulary for Reading Success - Online
Language & Literacy for Young Learners - Online
Multisensory Grammar - Online
Multisensory Grammar - Advanced - Online
Oral Language & Listening Comprehension - Online
Reading Readiness - Online
Scientific Spelling - Online
Scientific Spelling - Part 2 - Online
Unexpected Underachievement - Online
Written Composition Fundamentals - Online 
60-day Class Sessions
Language Enrichment - Online
Small Group Instruction Modules - Online

Looking for where to take Neuhaus online classes?


What is required to take an online class?

  • A Pentium II or faster computer that can log on to the Internet; 
  • An Internet Service Provider (ISP);
  • Valid email address for the participant (all communication occurs via email);
  • Up-to-date browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, or Safari;
  • PC users: most recent version of  Flash installed for your browser of choice.
  • Mac users: plan to use the Safari browser or Flash installed for your browser of choice;
  • Audio speakers or headphones plugged into the computer;
  • Access to a printer.


*An additional shipping charge will apply to locations outside the continental United States