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AppSense: Book Creation Apps


by Linda Corbett, CALT

Kids are creative and love to tell stories. Give them your ear and they will go on and tell with unbridled enthusiasm.  Now technology is making it easier to inspire these creative souls to be their own authors.  As digital tools become more streamlined, students can easily share stories and demonstrate the creative process by integrating the key elements of storytelling. The following apps are designed to help students create their own personal books on the iPad. Each app ranges in features and in price so be sure to read about each one to find the one that is the best fit for your budding digital author. 


Book Creator is a simple way to create beautiful books right on the iPad. Books can then be read in iBooks, sent to friends, or submitted to the iBook store. There are many ways which students can use Book Creator in the classroom. Here are just a few:
  • Procedural writing or "How-to" books.  After learning the structure and the skills book-creator-app-icon-ujhq65-e1376920254384.pngrequired for writing a "How-to" students can use Book Creator to explain a process. They can add photos, audio recordings, and videos to enhance their e-book. They can then share their e-books with their classmates and friends.


  • Collaborative Books.  Book Creator can also be used to make collaborative books. Each student can be given a portion or page to contribute to the class or group book.  Once students create their individual pages, they email their work to the teacher who collates them into one fabulous book.


  • For early primary students a teacher might use a sentence starter as writing prompt.  Students finish these sentences, add pictures or illustrations and are then collated on book pages.


  • Expository Writing.  Students can create books based on a variety of topics they might be learning about in school.  Perhaps they are studying about a particular country or historical period in history. Students can research the topic, write about it, and add interesting pictures or multimedia to give the reader a better sense of the time or area in study.


  • Photo Books.  There are many different kinds of photo books that could be made. Perhaps the class is going on a field trip or taking a walking tour of an historical site. They could go on a photo-walk and return to class, compile the pictures and reflect on what they saw and learned.


Book Creator is so intuitive that students can successfully ignite creative skills to make a one-of-a-kind unique e-book using a variety multimedia. 



Book Writer

Book writer app provides a writer with an easy, intuitive interface that is sure to encourage creativity in designing books. Books can be made with an iPhone or iPad and shared through iBooks. It has a fixed layout format which the writer can insert photos, videos, and or music. Book Writer is not ideal for longer text such as novels. Another feature is the author may record his or her voice into the book. Books may be shared in Dropbox or Google Drive, or maybe sent to iTunes or be  emailed. Books maybe saved in PDF format. 





Create your own story! Add photos, audio and personalized text. Read it like a real book, customize your title and share with friends. This powerful platform allows a writer to draw directly on the iPad's screen to create your very own pictures on a page. Customized your text with the built-in keyboard, import images from your photo album, and choose your own beautifully crafted paper style. App allows you to use your very own narration for each page and share your story with others. Several free and paid versions are available.


Scribble My Story


Scribble My Story is a junior version of the very popular Scribble Press app. This app is targeted for children 3 -7.  Scribble my story is a book and art creation platform where kids can imagine, create, and share what they make with parents. It is a great app for the youngest author and artist. The app includes a drawing tool that has audio capability.  Six included stories with audio for nonreaders can be customized by the child using matching stickers and customized backgrounds. There is one recordable blank book for a complete open ended creation. Free and paid versions are available.


Story Kit


This app is by the ICDL foundation.  Create an electronic storybook. Writers can illustrate by either drawing on the screen, taking photographs, drawing on paper and or attaching photos from your photo album. Sounds can be recorded for telling your story or for using sound effects. Writer simply lays out the elements of his/her story by choosing either text boxes, images and or sound clips by simply dragging or pinching to resize as needed. Your story is always saved in your iPhone.  You also may choose to upload your story to the StoryKit Web server and email link to the story from within the app. No account is necessary. Stories are private.

Creative Book Builder


Become a professional book writer with this app.  This writer’s app provides many advanced features. Fixed layouts are provided. Books may be written in chapters. Table of contents and glossaries may be added. You can bold, italic, underline and add links.  Published books may be emailed, uploaded to Dropbox or Google Drive, uploaded to a FTP server or WebDAV server, shared to device, or exported to iTunes.


Picturebook: School Edition


 This moderately priced app allows students to create and share their very own illustrated stories in a few simple steps. The edition includes over 250 illustrations with 12 complete pictures sets and all available add on features. Pictures may be chosen from a constantly updated library. Writer's may narrate story with any text and add  own personal photos. Stories may be shared with friends and family.  No ad and no in-app purchases.



Story Creator


With Story Creator even the youngest children can create beautiful storybooks containing photos, videos, text, and audio all one gorgeous collection. This app allows users to retell and share fun and memorable moments with others.  Kids love to personalize their own stories, and this app provides a vehicle for doing so. Free and paid versions are available.



Comic-Creation Apps and Websites

We all know the children also have a love for comic books. The following apps and websites will empower creative kids as they learn the art of storytelling through new digital comic creation tools.  These apps might just bring out your kids' inner cartoonist.


We Make Stories

Superhero Comic Book Maker- by Duck Duck Moose

Strip Designer

Big Nate: comic By U

Comic Life