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App Sense for Educators: Teachers, Have you Heard About Edmodo?

Teachers, have you heard about Edmodo?  Edmodo is a free service educational website that provides teachers and students a secure social platform to connect, collaborate, and share content and information and stay connected.   This incredibly flexible and powerful tool harnesses the idea of a social network (designed like Facebook) but refines it in such a way that it becomes ideal for educators.  Teachers may elect to use Edmodo as a professional learning network or classroom management tool to enhance quick communications between student/teacher, teacher/parent or teacher/teacher.  Timely communication usually means less confusion, better work, and more time to engage and focus on classroom practices and instructional goals.

Edmodo’s educational platform offers a variety of applications.  Current uses include posting assignments, creating polls for student responses, embedding video or media elements to support learning, or simply use as a message board for students and teachers to post ideas, thoughts, and questions. Students can use their personal devises to keep tabs on recent assignments and check their latest grades.

Privacy is important to end users and Edmodo provides additional security by allowing the user to create special codes for schools, classes and professional groups.  These codes are specially designed in order to join groups. Class discussions can be conducted securely, both during and outside of school.

Edmodo has both iOS and Android apps available through the Apple App Store and Google. Edmodo also has an official Twitter account.