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App Sense: Apps for those with Dyslexia or LD

Neuhaus App Sense

by Linda Corbett, CALT


Students with dyslexia and other learning differences are finding that the iPad is a wonderful resource and tool to help level the playing field. Below is a growing list of apps that students have found to be most helpful. While this list is not comprehensive and new apps are introduced daily, it is a starting point for iPad users who are struggling with school work.



Reading/Text to Speech

  • Blio (iPhone, iPad) Free
    An electronic e-reader that allows any book to be read to you. As reader is listening, text is highlighted word by word. If a word is unfamiliar, the student can look up any word or get more information on a topic by searching Google, Wikipedia, and more without leaving your book.
  • Read2Go (iPhone, iPad) $19.99
    The most full featured reader for Apple devices. Uses text to speech to help you read and comprehend books. With a Bookshare membership you can browse, download, and read books, and you can customize reading speed, font, font size, and more.
  • Prizmo (iPhone, iPad) $9.99
    A scan and read document app. Take a picture of text and it will convert it to a readable text for the e-reader.

Speak It!
  • Speak It! Text to Speech (iPhone, iPad) $1.99
    Paste text into the app's window and have it read to you. Text is highlighted as the words are read. Create audio files that can be e-mailed to others. In the listening mode there are four high quality voices to choose from. Users may select and adjust personal options: volume, speed of voice, font size, and text field.
Talk To Me
  • Talk To Me (iPhone, iPad) $1.99
    Paste the text into the apps window to have it read to you. High quality voice.

Writing - Dictation/Handwriting

Dragon Dictation
  • Dragon Dictation (iPhone, iPad) Free
    Speech recognition that allows you to see and edit your text to share on clipboard, SMS, and e-mail.


Writing - Graphic Organizers

  • Typ-O HD/Lite (iPhone, iPad) $14.99/Free
    Typ-O uses a powerful word prediction engine and a sophisticated spelling error model to help you write. Text to speech option allows you to listen to your word before you select it. Able to hear your words and your sentences before you email or SMS them. Typ-O knows the most common spelling mistakes and will often suggest words even if you have missed spelled them. (Lite version is meant for casual use and has only the US English dictionary.)
  • iThoughts (mindmapping) (iPhone, iPad) $7.99/$9.99
    Can import to and export to MindManager and other desk top graphic organizers. Best for Semantic Mapping
  • MindJet (iPhone, iPad) Free
    Great for reviewing the parts of speech while creating a silly story.


  • Notability (iPad) $0.99
    Note-taker that will capture whatever you would like. Combines handwriting, typing, and voice recording for note-taking. Type notes, add pictures, draw figures, insert web clips, and make audio recordings. Notes may be organized by subjects and backed up to the cloud. You also may share notes with others.
  • SoundNote - Notepad, Voice Recorder and Drawing Pad (iPad) $2.99
    As you are taking notes from classes, lectures, meetings this app tracks what you type or illustrate while recording audio recordings. During review and playback tap the written note on a particular word and sound note will jump to a proper time in the audio. Audio notes with text may be shared via e- mail with others.

PaperPort Notes
  • PaperPort Notes (iPad) Free
    A digital note taking tool for the iPad. With this tool you can combine documents, web content, audio, typed text as well as hand written notes into a single text that can be shared with anyone. This app interfaces with Dragon Dictation to capture your ideas and notes simply by speaking.

Homework Organizers

  • MyHomework (iPhone, iPad) Free
    Effective for students who need to better keep track of their homework.
  • iHomework (iPhone, iPad) $.99
    iHomework is a student’s best friend during the busy times of the school year. Keep up to date with school work, grades, to-dos, teachers information, and other information in school organizer. Can set alarms for assignments and test. An organizer that can be with you wherever you go. Compatible with iPhone, iPod, iPad, or Mac.
iStudiez Pro
  • iStudiez Pro (iPhone, iPad) $.99
    A sophisticated planner that organizes your schedule and assignments. Track your grades and GPA. keeps you on alert on pending task.(A lite version is also available)


  • TextMinder (iPhone, iPad) $1.99
    Remind yourself of your homework assignments, classes, meetings, medications, errands, and to do list and more. Schedule yourself SMS text reminders at times you specify, repeating as often as you choose.
VoCal XL - Vocal Voice Reminders
  • Voice Reminders! VoCal XL (iPhone, iPad) Free
    A voice calendar reminder app that offers voice reminders and choice of alert tones. Instead of typing a reminder into your device, record a voice message and have it alert you at the right time.

Study Help

  • StudyBlue (iPhone, iPad) Free
    make your own Flashcards with text and images and study them along with a million others for free.
  • Flashcards+ (iPhone, iPad) Free
    A very popular flash card app. This app allows you to create and study flash cards without having to buy or write on any actual note cards. Flashcards+ taps into's vast database of over 8.5 million decks of premade flash cards. Flashcards+ can even speak to you with a human voice synthesizer in 22 languages in multiple dialects in both genders. Decks can be shuffled by shaking.


Dragon Go!
  • Dragon Go! (iPhone, iPad) Free
    An app that allows you to speak what you're searching for and delivers smart results based on what your looking for.- so Google, Wikipedia, YouTube are defaults. You can also search for maps (using the location function), Twitter, and more
  • Flipboard (iPhone, iPad) Free
    Fill your Flipboard with the things you enjoy reading. From blogs, to publications, news, videos from YouTube, Facebook news feed, Google+ Circles, and tweets from Twitter all in one spot.