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Library Resources

This is a list of resources available in the Collie Library at Neuhaus Education Center. We tried to identify the most helpful books and videos for parents, based on the questions that parents ask us, and on important issues in the area of learning disabilities, especially dyslexia. The list is not exhaustive or all-inclusive. We would be happy to hear about resources that you have found helpful which we have not listed here.
Download the Library Resource List 2006 (PDF)

Table of Contents

Reading Instruction and Learning to Read 2
Dyslexia and Related Disorders 4
The Process of Learning 6
Early Childhood and Literacy 7
Parenting and Family Issues For Parents of Children with Learning Difficulties 8
Dysgraphia and Written Language Difficulties 9
Books for Kids about Learning Difficulties 10
ADHD…Information for Parents, Other Adults, and Children 12
Math Learning Difficulties 15
Organization and Study Skills 16
The Law Concerning ADHD and Learning Disabilities 17
Self-Esteem and Social Skills 18
Non-Verbal Learning Disabilities 19
College and Learning Difficulties 20
Adults with Learning Difficulties 21