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Second-Grade Listening and Reading Comprehension Screenings


Thank you for your interest in the Second-grade Listening and Reading Comprehension Screenings. We ask that you complete the application form and accept the following conditions for using the screening measures.
  1. The screenings will be used as prescribed. No alterations can be made to screening pages, items, or responses. Time limits must be observed.
  2. The screenings are to be duplicated for the primary user only. Other users will need to log in at www.readingteachersnetwork.org to submit an application.
  3. The student screening booklets must be stapled. The screenings may not be double-sided when duplicated.
  4. The screening measures will be used with students who are finishing second grade.
  5. The primary user will assign each student a number. The primary user will keep a list of the student names and numbers for his or her use; only the assigned numbers should appear on the student screening booklets.
  6. The completed student screening booklets will be sent to:
    c/o Neuhaus Education Center
    4433 Bissonnet
    Bellaire, TX 77041
  7. Results will be sent to the primary user within 30 days of receipt.