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Continuing Education On Demand

At your time, place, and pace, earn Continuing Professional Education/Continuing Education Units (CPEs/CEUs) online from Neuhaus!

How does Continuing Education On Demand work?

  1. Select a Continuing Education On Demand opportunity
    • You will be asked to:
      • view webinars and videos online,
      • read articles online, and
      • complete written assignments.
  2. Complete assignments
    • Begin your assignments whenever you are ready.
    • If you have questions regarding assignments, please call 713.664.7676 or email
  3. Register and submit payment and completed assignments
    • Register Online with your MasterCard or VISA for your chosen Continuing Education On Demand opportunity.
      (not suitable for registering multiple participants)
    • Print a registration form and mail or fax it with your payment to Neuhaus
      • See fax and mailing information on the form.
      • For fast processing, make sure registration forms are completely filled out.
      • Registration form and payment may be submitted with completed assignments.
    • Send completed assignments either via fax, mail, or to
    • Registration and payment must be received before or when you turn in completed assignments.
  4. Receive a Record of Completion
    • A Record of Completion will be sent via email after written assignment(s) is/are reviewed.
  5. View the rubric for CEU on Demand responses

Continuing Education On Demand Opportunities


Book Clubs Webinar

  Incorporating Literature Circles, or Book Clubs, in your classroom is an excellent way to make sure your students focus on key comprehension strategies and learn how to make deep connections as they read. See one teacher’s way of managing book clubs in her classroom, and come away with something you can try on your own!
  Intended Audience: grade 3-8 teachers, reading specialists
  Hours: 3 CPE/CEUs
  Cost: $30
  Find more information and registration for the Book Clubs Webinar

Spelling Development Webinar

  In this activity you will learn, through observation of children’s writings, how knowledge about English orthography (correct spelling) is acquired. You will explore the regularity of the English spelling system, see how spelling supports reading, and learn how spelling both contributes to, and results from, learning language.
  Intended Audience: grade 1-3 teachers, reading specialists
  Hours: 2 CPE/CEUs
  Cost: $30
  Find more information and registration for the Spelling Development Webinar

Strategies for Deepening Metacognitive Skills Webinar

  Teachers must guide and scaffold by modeling critical thinking that enables deep reading comprehension. The article and webinar review the most important thinking strategies, and includes a model for "thinking aloud" to teach students how to utilize the strategies.
  Intended Audience: grade 3-6 teachers, reading specialists
  Hours: 2 CPE/CEUs
  Cost: $30
  Find more information and registration for the
Strategies for Deepening Metacognitive Skills  Webinar

Text Sets and Text Accessibility Webinar

  At the end of this learning opportunity you will have a new tool for expanding background knowledge before reading and extending comprehension after reading. You will see two examples of social studies text sets, learn what to include, how to evaluate the materials, and ways to differentiate instruction using text sets. You will read an article which will widen your view of science instruction with ways to use different genres of trade books, connecting literacy with scientific inquiry. Lastly, you will view a video which drives home the important idea of the contribution of background knowledge to understanding.
  Intended Audience: grade 3-8 teachers, reading specialists
  Hours: 5 CPE/CEUs
  Cost: $50
  Find more information and registration for the Text Sets and Text Accessibility Webinar