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Are there Rapid Word Recognition Charts with the fluency practices?

I attended the language enrichment course on May 4-8, 2009 and received the "Practices for Developing Accuracy & Fluency". It states on page i, "A chart accompanies each passage in this manual and contains high-frequency, irregular words that are found in the passage". There are no Rapid Word Recognition charts in my booklet, only the passages. I have searched your website and have not found the charts, only a chart generator. I apologize if you explained to us where we could find these, but I am lost and would appreciate you directing me to the source for your predefined Rapid Recognition charts that accompany the manual. I will be teaching this in summer school and will need the charts. Thanks for your help, Julie Farnsworth Whittier ES.
The charts were part of a shrink wrapped set of loose pages that were with your Fluency manual.  They are titled Rapid Word Recognition Charts.  The loose pages also included tracking charts for the stories.

If you wish to create your own Rapid Word Recognition Charts, check out the Rapid Recognition Chart Generator at