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College and Career

By: Regina Boulware-Gooden, Ph.D.

Teachers attending the Grade 6 and Grade 9 College and Career Professional Development were given a pre- and post-test for literacy-related content knowledge. The content covered included identifying the correct number of phonemes and derivatives in a word, appropriate comprehension techniques for struggling readers, and using assessment to drive instruction for struggling readers. Teachers in Grade 6 and Grade 9 had statistically significant gains from their pre-test to their post-test. Grade 6 results were per p < .05, F(1, 152) = 31.12, p = .001. Grade 9 results were p < .05, F(1, 115) = 31.23, p = .001. Means and standard deviations are noted below.

Note: n = number of participants assessed for pre- and post-tests. Numbers in parentheses after mean are the standard deviations for the pre- and post-tests for each grade level.

Although teachers did gain in their literacy-related content knowledge at a statistically significant level, student gains will not be realized if the knowledge is not used with fidelity. Student scores need to be evaluated to ensure the impact of the professional development.