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AppSense: Kindergarten Readiness

by Linda Corbett, CALT

You have a kindergarten student or child and you're curious about something. How do you know if he or she is on target and progressing academically during the course of the Kindergarten year; and how will you determine if at year’s end he or she will be ready for first grade? 

BUGbrainEd has created a helpful Kinder diagnostic tool app that is used to assess and monitor where a child is developmentally during the year.  It also provides the teacher valuable information as to which literacy skill areas might need a little more practice during the year to become adequately prepared for the next school year.


Kinder Assessment Teacher's App by BUGbrainEd was created by teachers for teachers to test the emerging literacy skills of a kindergarten child. This comprehensive diagnostic app assesses the important foundational skills of oral language, phonemic awareness, concepts about print, letter recognition, writing, and reading of high-frequency words. Assessments can be given multiple times during the year, and are suggested at beginning, middle and end of year.

Kindergarten_Readiness_3.PNGThe assessment is done on the app's "share-the-screen" tool for teachers and students providing a highly motivated experience.  The tool provides a way for the teacher to assess a large number of students quickly with the added convenience of automatic individual scoring which can be saved to the devices camera roll.  I recommend this app for teachers because it is user-friendly and provides a consistent way to assess all students in foundational literacy skills.

Kindergarten_Readiness_2.PNGHow does it work? Teachers simply tap the appropriate prompting questions and record the student’s responses on the screen.  After a scoring report is formulated on each student, teachers can look at the data to make important instructional decisions.  Parents can also use this tool as a way to monitor and understand where their child is developmentally and to facilitate learning outcomes in the home. The price of the app is $4.99 and is available for purchase on multiple platforms. It can be purchased in the Amazon AppStore or on Google play for Android, and in the App Store for iOS devices.