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AppSense: Apps That Go Free!

by Linda Corbett, CALT

IMG_3886.PNGIf you are a digital enthusiast and enjoy exploring the countless new apps exploding in the market place today there are definitely deals to be found. Aside from stumbling across an occasional free app being promoted on various social media feeds such as Facebook, Edmodo, and Twitter, there are two wonderful resources that offer daily app deals for free that you should know about. These are special apps that curate and promote daily free app offerings.  Both resources are available for downloading and found in the iTunes store. (Sorry to android friends, I am still looking for you.)  These are two apps that help you find free apps.  Once installed, you will be able to daily access and learn about apps that are free for the day. If you are interested in any of the daily offerings, these sites will take you directly to the app store for free downloading. It couldn't be any easier, so start saving your hard earned money by exploring these two unique sites.  




Apps Gone Free (Best Daily Top App Deals)

As the name suggests, this app will enable you to download new apps without spending a dime. These high quality apps are available for a limited time only and they are offered to further stimulate excitement and buzz in the market place. Each day an expertly curated list of free apps are offered. (About 5-10 each day) I personally have a love of photography, taking pictures and then adapting them in creative ways. I have found several wonderful free new apps on this site to help me do just this.

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App of the day

This service picks out the best paid apps from the app store and then negotiates with the developers to make them free for 24 hours. This concept has been widely popular in the US and other European countries. This app allows iPad users to save money by purchasing applications for free.

I can't think of an easier cost free way to seek and try new apps. Simply download those you want for free and later determine if it's an app that will really worth keeping on your device.  

FREE Apps makes AppSense!