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Taking Neuhaus classes is like attending cooking school...

Taking classes at Neuhaus is like attending cooking school. The instructors teach the basic scientific concepts, give you a recipe, and you take it back to your “kitchen” and tweak according to your students “dietary needs.” The class manuals and ...

An Early Intervention Story: Getting a Good Start on Reading

In their seminal study, Betty Hart and Todd Risley alerted the reading world to the critical role of early language skills in later reading success. Without adequate language skills, preschool children are at great risk for reading failure. Neuhaus Education ...

Teacher's Magic

I was recently reminded of why I love reading.  It is because of a teacher.   Fourth grade began with the writing of the obligatory “What-did-you-do-this-summer?” essay.  I wrote about the discovery of an old drum in my grandmother’s attic.  ...

Intervention Study with Developing Metacognitive Skills

Preliminary data from an intervention study conducted by Neuhaus Education Center with third-grade students suggest that the addition of metacognitive strategies to daily comprehension lessons boosted students’ comprehension and spelling by 20% and vocabulary by 40% on standardized and criterion ...
Category: research

Language Enrichment Teacher Preparation and Practice Predicts Third Grade Reading Comprehension

Reading Psychology, 26:401- 432, 2005 Copyright 2005 Taylor & Francis Inc. ISSN: 0270-2711 print / 1521-0685 online      Suzanne H. Carreker Neuhaus Education Center, Houston, Texas, USA Paul R. Swank University of Texas - Houston Medical School, Houston, Texas, ...
Author: Carreker et al
Category: research

Dyslexia: Beyond the Myth

by Suzanne Carreker, past president, The Houston Branch of The International Dyslexia Association director of teacher development, Neuhaus Education Center  (This article is reprinted with permission from The Houston Branch of The International Dyslexia Association.) As many as one in ...
Author: Suzanne Carreker
Phone: (713) 664-7676
Category: parent resources

Longitudinal, District-wide Study of Language Enrichment

In 1997, Neuhaus Education Center began a three-year collaboration with Brownsville Independent School District (BISD) to offer 60 hours of professional development for their teachers. BISD chose Neuhaus Education Center’s Language Enrichment curriculum for all first- and second-grade teachers in ...
Category: research

Middle School Study with Developing Metacognitive Skills

The Developing Metacognitive Skills curriculum was used in one middle school in an urban school district. The ethnicity of the school was 98% Hispanic and 2% Black. Middle schools often place students in groups or clusters, and this was so ...
Category: research

Patterns of Global, Vowel, and Consonant Spelling Development

The literacy progress of 80 adult students enrolled in an Orton-Gillingham based adult education program was followed over four semesters...(more) (PDF)
Author: Jennifer Schmidt
Phone: (713) 664-7676
Category: research