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Twenty-first Century Learning!

Neuhaus Academy is web-based and can be accessed with an iPad or other mobile devices. The words discovered in Neuhaus Academy are launching pads for Google explorations of related topics and new knowledge.

Incessant, Intriguing, Intelligent, Inspiring Interaction

Going on a road trip? Do you and your children have luggage, snacks, music, book...

Summer Handwriting Activities

Summer’s almost here, so many of us are thinking about pools and car trips or playing outdoors, but what about our children’s school-related skills such as handwriting?

Summer Reading Games and Activities

Late winter is when I begin to fret over what my children can do during the summer...

A Note from Marybeth

I am proud to declare myself a logophile – a true lover of words. This affection for words started...

A Teacher’s Perspective: We Can’t Give Up!

An influential article written by reading expert Louisa Moats is entitled “Teaching Reading is Rocket Science.” I couldn’t agree more. I am a veteran educator of 31 years, having been...

Words, Words, Words: Quantity and Quality Matter

The ability of humans to speak and understand spoken language evolved naturally thousands and thousands of years ago. Without explicit instruction, babies quickly...

Extend World Knowledge with Reading

Luis Gomez and colleagues are extending world knowledge from a book on camping in this demonstration lesson from Basic Language Skills, a Neuhaus class for teachers who do intensive reading intervention with young readers.
Author: Barbara Conway

The Importance of Oral Language

My four-year-old son got in trouble the other day at his preschool. His teacher met me at the door when I picked him up, which is never a good sign. She told me that he used an inappropriate word, and ...
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Category: parent resources

Teaching and Leading; Neuhaus Prepares Teachers to Do Both (CEO's Desk)

I fell in love with Neuhaus about fifteen years ago when I attended my very first class, a Saturday session of Multisensory Grammar.  I had been teaching for several years and held a master’s in special education, but that first ...
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Category: ceo's desk