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My Hero is a Steel Magnolia

By: Rai Thompson, M.Ed., CALT  Hattiesburg, Mississippi, is full of magnificent magnolia trees. Their flowers epitomize the loveliness and sweetness of the south; hence, the reason Robert Harling chose them as a metaphor for southern women in his play, Steel ...
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Digital Literacy

By: Linda Corbett, CALT Computers and new technologies have provided an entirely new medium and context for thinking about literacy. Literacy development continues to evolve, change, and be redefined. We must include additional literacy skills training to prepare our children for ...
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Words, Words, Words: More Important Than You Might Think

By: Suzanne Carreker Words are fascinating! Mellifluous cascades off the tongue like smooth honey flowing from a jar. Obstreperous, with its plosive consonants, is a noisy word to pronounce. Jubilation is a delight to the ear. Apart from their resonance, ...
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By: Linda Corbett, Megan Davis, and Catherine Scott In the dictionary, literacy is defined as “the ability to read or write,” or, “the quality or state of being literate.” But is defining literacy really that simple? The Workforce Investment Act ...
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