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Interactive White Board Resources

What’s an interactive white board (IWB)? IWBs are to SMART Boards®, Promethean ActivBoards, and other brands, what facial tissue is to Kleenex®—the generic term to describe the broad category into which a widely-recognized brand name fits. Not all IWBs are ...
Author: Jennifer Schmidt
Category: digital literacy

Who is Jeremy Creed?

  Former Receptionist/Administrative Assistant Currently Teaching Staff If you have ever called or visited Neuhaus Education Center, you have met Jeremy Creed. Jeremy has been a Neuhaus receptionist and administrative assistant for the past three and a half years, but ...

Did You Know? March Results

Adrenalize means to energize or stir to action. What part of the body is referenced in one of the morphemes in this word? 2% said leg 0% said stomach 85% said kidneys 12% said heart Ad, a Latin prefix meaning ...
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Did You Know? February Results

This word as well as words to follow were on the Great Grown-up Spelling Bee in Houston, Texas: The word liverish means not feeling well. It comes from which language? 77% said Anglo-Saxon 15% said Latin 8% said Greek 0% ...

The Importance of Oral Language

My four-year-old son got in trouble the other day at his preschool. His teacher met me at the door when I picked him up, which is never a good sign. She told me that he used an inappropriate word, and ...
Phone: (713) 664-7676
Category: parent resources

Did You Know? Results for January, 2012

What word is made from two Greek combining forms meaning life and circle? 3% said autobiography 93% said biosphere 3% said archangel 0% said revive Bio means life and sphere means circle, so the correct answer is biosphere, the Earth ...

Did You Know? Results for December 2011

The word "cleave" comes from two Anglo-Saxon words that mean: 46% said a) to split 12% said b) to adhere 42% said c) both a) and b) 0% d) none of the above The word cleave is actually derived from ...

Teaching and Leading; Neuhaus Prepares Teachers to Do Both (CEO's Desk)

I fell in love with Neuhaus about fifteen years ago when I attended my very first class, a Saturday session of Multisensory Grammar.  I had been teaching for several years and held a master’s in special education, but that first ...
Phone: (713) 664-7676
Category: ceo's desk

Did You Know - November 2011Results

Turkey was on my mind because Thanksgiving, a feasting holiday was coming soon. Turkeys received their name from: 8% said a. a group of settlers in the New World who were originally from Turkey 46% sad b. European settlers who ...