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The Personal Competencies Through the Eyes of the Classroom Teacher

Personal qualities like motivation, mindset, and grit are just as important to learning as content, and researchers are interested in studying this idea. Dr. Suzanne Carreker, former senior vice-president of innovative solutions at Neuhaus Education Center, and Dr. Regina Boulware-Gooden, ...
Author: Barbara Conway, Ph.D.

Teachers Make the Difference Professional Development Impacts Pre-K

Neuhaus Education Center’s Teachers Make the Difference study focuses on how professional development for pre-K teachers impacts teachers, classrooms, and students.

A Leading Light at the End of the Tunnel

Lauren Hudson, Katherine Lucke, and Ana Carrasco created the Parent Networking Group (PNG), a branch of HBIDA. The PNG provides an opportunity for parents of children with dyslexia to come together to exchange ideas and information. Finding the best way ...

AppSense: Apps That Go Free!

by Linda Corbett, CALT If you are a digital enthusiast and enjoy exploring the countless new apps exploding in the market place today there are definitely deals to be found. Aside from stumbling across an occasional free app being promoted on ...

The Letter that Started It All



By: Barbara Conway, Ph.D., CALT Neuhaus Education Center, in collaboration with the Annette Caldwell Simmons School of Education at Southern Methodist University, offers an exemplary Master of Education in Reading and Writing to teachers who want to be experts and ...

College and Career

By: Regina Boulware-Gooden, Ph.D. Teachers attending the Grade 6 and Grade 9 College and Career Professional Development were given a pre- and post-test for literacy-related content knowledge. The content covered included identifying the correct number of phonemes and derivatives in ...

Starting Early: Early Childhood Literacy Program

By: Vanessa Grant Neuhaus Education Center’s Pre-Kindergarten Initiative embarked on a partnership with the Houston Independent School District during the 2013-2014 school year. The project’s 184 participating teachers received weekly or monthly coaching; five days of workshop-style training in how ...

My Hero is a Steel Magnolia

By: Rai Thompson, M.Ed., CALT  Hattiesburg, Mississippi, is full of magnificent magnolia trees. Their flowers epitomize the loveliness and sweetness of the south; hence, the reason Robert Harling chose them as a metaphor for southern women in his play, Steel ...
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Creating a Window of Opportunity

By: Gordon Doran When I was in the 4th grade, the public school I was attending diagnosed me as being dyslexic. At the time, no one knew how to help me and placed me in special education classes. I graduated ...