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Helping Students Find Their Voice: Start Blogging

by Linda Corbett, CALT Think about when you were in school. You wrote a paper or an essay and spent an enormous amount of time on it. You poured hours and hours into your thoughts and reflections. But who read it? ...
Author: Linda Corbett

Interactive White Board Resources

What’s an interactive white board (IWB)? IWBs are to SMART Boards®, Promethean ActivBoards, and other brands, what facial tissue is to Kleenex®—the generic term to describe the broad category into which a widely-recognized brand name fits. Not all IWBs are ...
Author: Jennifer Schmidt
Category: digital literacy

When Life Gives You Lemons…Go to Neuhaus

My being able to spell a word five different ways made my teachers at Rice University think that I was lazy, but one of them thought that it might not be entirely my fault. Once I was introduced me to ...

Is She Ready?

Every parent who has ever had to say goodbye to their baby, after the drop off at college, has probably asked themselves a version of “Is she ready?”

College and Career Readiness

The jobs of yesterday that provided a middle-class income or better with only a high-school diploma are gone. Economic productivity requires knowledge and skills beyond that initial diploma. Hence, the topic of “College and Career Readiness”

Twenty-first Century Learning!

Neuhaus Academy is web-based and can be accessed with an iPad or other mobile devices. The words discovered in Neuhaus Academy are launching pads for Google explorations of related topics and new knowledge.

Incessant, Intriguing, Intelligent, Inspiring Interaction

Going on a road trip? Do you and your children have luggage, snacks, music, book...

Summer Handwriting Activities

Summer’s almost here, so many of us are thinking about pools and car trips or playing outdoors, but what about our children’s school-related skills such as handwriting?

Summer Reading Games and Activities

Late winter is when I begin to fret over what my children can do during the summer...

A Note from Marybeth

I am proud to declare myself a logophile – a true lover of words. This affection for words started...