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Appsense: Apps That Go Free

If you are a digital enthusiast and enjoy exploring the countless new apps exploding in the market place today there are definitely deals to be found. Aside from stumbling across an occasional free app being promoted on various social media feeds such as Facebook, Edmodo, and Twitter, there are two wonderful resources that offer daily app deals for free that you should know about. 

Appsense: Kindergarten Readiness

BUGbrainEd has created a helpful Kinder diagnostic tool app that is used to assess and monitor where a child is developmentally during the year.  It also provides the teacher valuable information as to which literacy skill areas might need a little more practice during the year to become adequately prepared for the next school year.

Helping Students Find Their Voice: Start Blogging

Blogging changes the landscape; the audience can become broader and is not limited in scope.  Blogging provides a new medium for voice and a platform for wider readership. Blogs encourage writers and responders to develop critical thinking, analytical, and communication skills. Understanding that words can have a more global impact, students recognize the value of clarity and are encouraged to hone the craft of writing.

AppSense: Leveling Literacy

Are your books in your children’s reading library challenging enough for them? Are you pushing their limits and increasing the text complexity levels?

AppSense: Inspiring Young Writers

Looking for an app to help kick-start your children to become better writers? Kids will write about things they are curious about or are interested in. Write About This is a noteworthy app you might consider exploring.


AppSense: Book Creation Apps

Kids are creative and love to tell stories. Give them your ear and they will go on and tell with unbridled enthusiasm.  Now technology is making it easier to inspire these creative souls to be their own authors.

AppSense: Create, Demonstrate, and Communicate

Creativity is a critical but often underserved component in education. When are you the happiest? (When you are creating.)


Pinterest for Teachers

Pinterest is a pinboard-style photo sharing, video clipping, content curration tool that allows users to create and manage theme-based collections such as events, interests, classroom activities, lesson plans, technology and more.


AppSense: Math Apps You Can Count On

Here are some math apps and web-based tools that you can count on to support learning. These digital learning apps and tools are great for classroom use, but also wonderful for homeschooling, mobile learning, and classroom practice.


AppSense: The Importance of Questioning and a Useful Teacher App

Questioning skills are essential to good teaching. Teachers often use questions to ensure that students are attentive and engaged learners. Knowing how to ask the right questions and provide thoughtful answers is the foundation of all learning.


AppSense: Teachers, Have You Heard About Edmodo?

Edmodo is a free service educational website that provides teachers and students a secure social platform to connect, collaborate, and share content and information and stay connected.   This incredibly flexible and powerful tool harnesses the idea of a social network (designed like Facebook) but refines it in such a way that it becomes ideal for educators.  


AppSense: Early Learning

It seems today that almost any two-year-old knows how to work a smart phone or tablet computer. When anyone wants something programmed or changed, we just look around for the nearest ten-year-old. So let's take learning to their tech-savvy level!


AppSense: Handwriting

Handwriting is and will remain an important literacy skill. Even though technology is an undeniable boon to children with writing problems, technological advances do not eliminate the need for explicit teaching of handwriting.


AppSense:For those with Dyslexia and LD

Students with dyslexia and other learning disabilities are finding that the iPad is a wonderful resource and tool to help level the playing field. Below is a growing list of apps that students have found to be most helpful. 


AppSense: Summer Fun

Summer is here, kids are out of school and finally enjoying some unstructured time. They will find many things to fill the hours (besides sleeping in) and one of them is to spend time on their smart phones and tablets.